Over the ropes indeed! Who would have thought that Crikey readers were
such wrestling fans – or that the representatives of the greatest show
on earth are reading us.

We felt duty bound to bring Miranda Devine‘s Sunday revelations that Peter Costello suffers wrestlemania to the wider world yesterday.

We also asked for a ring name for the Treasurer, Dollar Sweetie being
better for a b*tchslapper, not a master of the forearm jolt.

Crikey readers are rising to the occasion. The best suggestion so far
is that Cozzie go by the name “The Smirking Assassin” – apologies to
Amrozi – and we’ve been warned to watch out for his secret move, the
deficit dive.

And now the people from the Shock Entertainment Group have come on board with some WWE DVDs to give away to our winners:

* WWE Greatest Wrestling stars of the 80s – An
extravagantly packaged three DVD set featuring Hulk Hogan, Jerry “The
King” Lawler, the Junk Yard Dog, one of my personal favourites, Rowdy
Roddy Piper, The Iron Sheik, Mr Wonderful Paul Orndorff, Greg “The
Hammer” Valentine and many more of the most popular wrestlers from this

* WWE Jake the snake “Pick your Poison” – Another
three disc set, where Jake “The Snake” Pick Your Poison reveals the
true story behind the legend. Go behind-the-scenes and learn more about
his controversial battles with Jerry “The King” Lawler. Listen as he
re-visits family tragedies, drug addictions and personal demons. A
master storyteller, Jake chronicles his amazing career highlights and
unimaginable low lights. Includes a bonus four hours of extra footage,
including ten complete matches with Ricky Steamboat, Ravishing Rick
Rude, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan and Junkyard Dog, interviews
and promos with Vince McMahon and more.

* WWE Unforgiven – Everything is settled when WWE
Champion John Cena faces off against the only Gold Medal Winner in WWE
Championship: John Cena vs. Kurt Angle. Matches include the
Intercontinental Championship Carlito vs. Flair, the Steel Cage Matt
Hardy vs. Edge with Lita – just five weeks after the bouts in Oklahoma
City and hot on the heels of the sold out WWE Raw Survivor Series
matches in Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne.

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