has advertised a job that two people seem to be occupying. The
position, Director of Strategy and Communications, was advertised in the Media
section of last Thursday’s edition of The Australian.

It’s an
upper-level management role at the ABC, according to the organisation chart on the ABC website. Currently it’s occupied by Geoffrey Crawford, the chap
who worked at Buck
Palace for years and was
hired by the unlamented Jonathon Shier.

according to the list of ABC executives attending last Monday’s Senate Estimates
Committee hearing in Canberra, the position is now occupied by Mr Murray Green.
listed near the top leading the ABC Group.

And he
acquitted himself quite well, standing up to the carping and bullying of
Queensland Liberal Party Senator, Santo Santoro, Green’s leader, Senator Bob
Brown, and Senator Stephen Conroy from the ALP.

It was
a certainly a bi-partisan effort from Mr Green. Was he acting in Mr Crawford’s absence?

on his performance at the Estimates hearing, Mr Green
certainly wasn’t acting but he was performing. He was
chosen to defend the ABC when MD Russell Balding decided at the last minute that
he wouldn’t go to Canberra and face the obsessive
questioning of Senator Santo Santoro, the rightwing ABC-phobe from Queensland.

Crawford was listed as the Director of Strategy and
Communications in the ABC annual report released last week; Murray Green was the
Victorian Manager.

sounds like the senior spinner’s position, but looking at the ABC’s organisational structure, it’s quite an important job,
especially when you are chosen to replace the MD in facing your political
masters in the Senate. That
was a tricky assignment.

So the
question remains, whose job was advertised on Thursday by Your