What’s in a name?: Is ASIO boss Paul O’Sullivan the same Paul O’Sullivan who used to be very active in the Labor Party in Sydney’s east, doing numbers in Maroubra when Bob Carr was first preselected? OK, so it’s a good generic Labor name, but bruvvers with long memories say they’re the one and the same. What does it mean for a whole stack of terrorism conspiracy theories?

Dummy split: Fifty four local councils in Victoria are up for election this month, but there is particular interest in the City of Glen Eira. The previous council was sacked after an investigation by the state government. Now, it appears that the locals are flocking forward to reinstate their municipality’s good name. Sixty one candidates have nominated for nine positions. Or is there another agenda? How many are dummy candidates – only there for their preference flows – running in support of sacked councillors or sacked councillors’ mates? Rosstown and Camden wards are attracting particular attention. But running dummies isn’t illegal. It’s just contrary to the spirit of democracy. But when did that ever matter to the petty pols who inhabit the only level of government in the country with institutionalised corruption?