a few more to add to the list:

Michael Deegan – DG, Dept of Transport

Sue Holliday – DG, Dept of Planning

Simon Lane – CEO, State Rail

Dick Persson – DG, Public Works (though is tipped to get the RTA)


Dick Persson Ex Director General, Public Works and Services

Sue Holliday Ex Director General, Planning

John Wynn-Owens Ex Director General, Health
John Rogan, Ex Deputy Director General, Department of Transport

Simon Lane, Ex Chief Executive, State Rail Authority

John Brew Ex, Chief Executive, State Rail Authority ( before Simon Lane)

John Stott, Ex Chief Executive, State Transit Authority

Judi Stack, Ex Chief Executive, Rail Access Corporation

Terry Ogg, Ex Director General, Rail Services Authority

Paul Crombie, Ex Director General, Tourism

Tony Thirlwell ,Ex Director General, Tourism ( Crombie’s successor)

Carol Davis, Ex Chief Executive, AntiDiscrimination

Ken Cripps, Ex Deputy Director General, Premiers

Jane Diplock, Ex Director General, TAFE ( before Jan McCelland)

Peter Cunningham, Ex Valuer General

Gary Stainton, Ex General Manager, Business

Bob Wilson, Ex General Manager, Sydney Water

Tony Wright Ex Deputy General Manager, Sydney Water

Marianne Hammerton, Ex Director General DADHC

Jane Wolfe, Ex Deputy Director General, Commerce ( once acted as Director General)

Cannot remember the names but the following organisations also lost their Department Heads,

Community Services ( before Carmel Niland)

Rail Infrastructure Corporation ( before amalgamating with SRA)

Integral Energy ( before Current CEO Richard Powis)

Deputy Commissioner Police ( sacked by Ryan)

Parks and Wildlife Service ( before forming Environment and Conservation)

Juvenile Justice( before Jennifer Mason, who was till recently Debus Chief of Staff)

I will send you more because there has been lots.

Yours sincerely

Andrew Williamson