Queensland Liberal Senator Santo Santoro, fresh from mauling the ABC over issues of bias in Estimates, now has a poll on the national broadcaster up on his website.

survey asks the following question: “In your opinion, which option best
describes the reportage of the ABC’s news and current affairs division:

  • ABC Journos are openly left wing when reporting
  • ABC Journos are unintentionally left wing
  • ABC Journos are fair and balanced
  • ABC Journos are unintentionally right wing
  • ABC Journos are openly right wing when reporting?”

… It’s an important issue of credibility – one I wrote about in the IPA Review earlier this year.”

if credibility is the issue, what does the Senator hope to achieve from
a web poll? He’s a good political operator, and knows such a survey is
utterly unscientific, open to manipulation – and that its results will
be totally lacking in value.

Disclosure: The ABC is kind enough to sometimes – sometimes – pay
Christian Kerr for talking head services and even hand over the odd
Cabcharge voucher.