Sydney Morning Herald
: Police in Sydney and Melbourne are fuming after the Prime Minister’s
terrorism heads-up earlier in the week placed their year long terrorism
investigation into jeopardy. Again it’s the unnamed, this time police,
sources that provide the basis for the whole story. The SMH
says, “the investigation into the threat has been under way for many
months, police sources say, and the blanket media coverage given to Mr
Howard’s announcement may have alerted some suspects.”

The Australian:
Police are expected to swoop in the next few days on a group of terror
suspects in Sydney and Melbourne, and Melbourne Muslims are the prime
suspects. “A group of radical Muslim youths linked to controversial
Melbourne cleric Nacer Benbrika fear they will be arrested under the
emergency legislation, which received vice-regal assent from
Governor-General Michael Jeffery in Sydney last night.”

The Age:
“Do not expect arrests yet, says PM” leads their front page, relying on
the Prime Minister’s assurance that just because the terror laws were
whipped though parliament yesterday, it doesn’t mean the public should
expect arrests any time soon. The AFP confirmed they were involved in
numerous investigations, but said that they did not relate to a
specific incident, time or place.

The Courier-Mail and The Advertiser: “Home-grown
terrorist cells” in Melbourne and Sydney have been stockpiling
explosives, with again unnamed “security sources” revealing that ASIO
uncovered an “advanced planning phase” for a terrorist attack on the
weekend. The paper suggests this was the trigger event, or information,
that caused the Prime Minister to go public with the threat earlier in
the week.

Daily Telegraph:
The Attorney General, Philip Ruddock distances himself slightly from
his PM and remains tight-lipped about whether any arrests are planned
in the near future.