Sunday morning’s test between the Kangaroos and Great
Britain in Wigan should be a pushover for the visitors but there are a
couple of warning signals for the Kangaroos.

Firstly, if the Poms lose they are almost certainly out
of the Tri-Nations series and that will present the English Rugby League with a
huge financial headache. A Kangaroos vs Kiwis final in three weeks time will
hardly draw a crowd.

Secondly, from all reports Wigan is being Wigan – cold and wet. It’s one of the most uninviting
places I have ever been to. And when I was there it was still “autumn” as it is now.

Thirdly, the Kangaroos in their two lead up matches have
hardly been in top form and the Poms cannot possibly play as badly as they did
last weekend.

For these reasons, the score line should be closer than
the sports betting agencies expect. The current Kangaroos price – $1.35 cents
for a $1 outlay – is a bit short.

The game will mark the beginning of what I hope will
be a long and illustrious international career for the Wests Tigers half-back and premiership winning captain, Scott
Prince. Few players in the recent history of rugby league have
come back from such a debilitating and potentially career threatening run of serious
injuries as Prince has. He will wear the green and gold with pride and will
be a worthy long term successor to Andrew Johns as half-back.

The Kangaroos should win, and win comfortably, but don’t
be surprised if there is a major upset. And if that happens, it will be the Kangaroos, not the
Poms who will risk missing out of the finals.
There’s plenty at stake in cold and wet Wigan on Sunday morning – for both teams and for the
game’s administrators.