In a recent survey of Australia’s opinion leaders 42% have nominated
global warming as the most important environmental issue facing the
world today.

A further 11% selected climate change, followed by water conservation,
energy depletion and logging of forests or deforestation (10% each).

The sample of opinion leaders was defined as people who had incomes
over $80,000 or were in the top occupational categories or had a
degree. It also included Henry Thornton and Crikey readers, members of
the Australian Institute of International Affairs, Marcus Oldham
Associates, Davos Connection Associates and members of the Australian
American Association.

A recent telephone Morgan Poll, taken to assess the views of all
Australians aged over 14, found a slightly lower proportion (35%)
believed global warming is the most important environmental issue
facing the world today followed by the greenhouse effect (15%)
and pollution (14%).

When it comes to Global warming, only 20% of opinion leaders believe
concerns are exaggerated while 63% think that “If we don’t act now it
will be too late” and 17% think “It is already too late.”

These are the main findings from an online Roy Morgan Opinion Leaders
Poll conducted Australia-wide October 13-18 with 1,461 Opinion Leaders.
More details here.

Stephen Mayne writes:

Andrew Bolt certainly disagrees with another tirade
against Federal Environment Minister Senator Ian Campbell and global
warming worriers this morning. Most amusingly, Bolt can’t even bring
himself to name The Australian’s
Matt Price for running Campbell’s line after a walk in the Tarkine,
instead he is just referred to as “a reporter” all the way through.