President of the Senate Paul Calvert
sent this press release out yesterday – followed by a hasty correction:


The President of the Senate, Senator Paul Calvert, has called a special meeting of the
Senate tomorrow, Thursday 3rd November 2005, at 12.30

This is in response to a request from a majority of Senators.

Senate Standing Orders provide that the President shall call a special
meeting of the Senate (i.e. outside normal sitting periods) if he receives a
request from a majority.

The standing order further provides that a request from a Party Leader
shall be deemed to be a request from all Senators of that party.

The President has received a request from the Leader of the Government
the Senate, Senator Hill, and the Leader of the Opposition in the
Senate, Senator Boswell, requesting that the Senate meet at 12.30 p.m.
on 3 November 2005, to consider urgent legislation of
national importance, relating to counter-terrorism.

The President has passed the correspondence to the Clerk of the Senate,
who will notify all Senators of the special meeting.

2 November 2005

Media Enquiries: Vince Taskunas.

Spot the error? Poor Vince! The Leader of the Opposition in the Senate of course is Barnaby, not Boz.