We’ve been waiting for Headland for months, and the industry
desperately needs new successful drama. So here is the first review of Seven’s
new playground for young audiences.

The Seven Network has an enviable record of producing local drama.

This year alone they have delivered Blue Heelers, All Saints, Home and Away
and, briefly, Last Man Standing. For the most part, it’s a track
record that shames other broadcasters, many of whom struggle to find one
dependable product. Not content with resting on their laurels, the network is
about to screen a big, new local soapie, Headland.

By any measure, it’s an odd time of year to be launching a new franchise.
Ratings are winding down. Daylight saving and summer lures us outdoors longer.
Families will soon be planning end of year breaks. Yet maybe it’s a
deliberately “soft” launch to avoid the choice that’s on offer at the top of a
TV year. A new show has time to build an audience over the low-key summer
period. Too many new dramas have been sent to programming heaven after two or
three episodes. The Cooks anyone?

If this is part of the strategy in premiering Headland in mid
November, then it is going to need all the help it can get.

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