A media insider writes:

Adelaide media watchers expect the city’s quality Sunday broadsheet the
Independent Weekly
will be dead or comatose by the end of the year, with
managing editor and PR man Paul Hamra taking
over editorial control of the paper.

Founding editor turned senior writer Alex Kennedy left on
Monday after Independent management published a page one apology to Coopers
Brewery last weekend over a story she wrote on the local icon’s takeover battle
with Lion Nathan. She was followed by board chairman Ian Meikle.

SA sources tell Crikey that Meikle
specifically stated in his letter of resignation that he had no confidence in

Hamra is quoted in The Australian’s
Media section today as saying he believed Kennedy had been planning to “change her working arrangements next year.”

The Oz also reports “Hamra says Meikle’s
decision was not linked to the departure of Kennedy.”

Local media watchers say Hamra is yet to
learn the difference between PR and publishing. At the same time, rumours remain in Adelaide of fudging on circulation figures.