What do you get when you get Australia’s advertising journalists
together for a day and give them a bunch of free grog? A fight, of
course. Two of Australia’s premier marketing journos are
licking their wounds
after a run-of-the-mill industry boozefest descended into an all out
brawl at Sydney’s Commodore Hotel Hotel last Friday night.

After a long day of drinking and shooting (which is apparently the norm at these type of industry events) the
group retired to The Commodore, where The Australian’s marketing writer Simon Canning was confronted at the bar by AdNews’s
extremely drunk Editor Dave Clutterbuck, who proceeded to tell Canning
that he was a sh*thouse jouno for about 15-minutes before Canning
had the chance to escape.

According to Canning, who admits he was also well oiled, Clutterbuck
came back for a second round, and that’s when he decided that the only
way to shut him up was to put a fist in his mouth.

“The comments were extremely personal and extremely cruel and
unwarranted,” Canning told Crikey this morning. “So I king hit him.”

there all hell broke loose. One of AdNews’s junior journalists jumped
into the fracas to help out his boss, as did a couple of others,
causing quite a disturbance in the Commodore’s bar. According to
Canning, it was your standard punch up – “Women scream and all that.”
Bouncers came in and broke it up, and the pair reluctantly shook hands
before leaving.

Clutterbuck confirmed the incident – as much as he could remember,
anyway – saying that he has no doubt he wound up Canning. “There were a
few drinks involved and we had a robust discussion, and it descended
into a fight,” he told Crikey.

Asked whether he landed a return punch on Canning, Clutterbuck replied,
“I hope so.” Asked whether he could remember or not, he said, “no

The story has been doing the rounds in advertising circles all
week. You can check out some of the more salacious details about the
entire industry day here,
which includes members of the advertising company jumping into Sydney
Harbour from a ferry, but we’ll let you read it for yourself.