It’s Diva Fever across the country, and most of the day’s front pages belong to Glen Boss and Makybe Diva. The Australian
leads with a racing yarn from Stuart Rintoul, where he kicks off with a
quote from Melbourne Cup winning trainer Lee Freedman. “Go and find the
smallest child. That will be an example of the only person here who
will live long enough to see something like that again.” And still on
the cup, one bookie is furious at the Victorian Racing Commission for pandering to the needs of cup
favourite Makybe Diva and watering the track, “aiding and abetting” his
historic win, but crippling book makers across the country. While also
on the front page the paper reports that ASIO, for the first time, has
publicly raised concerns about the existence of home grown terror cells and Islamic extremists.

Probably the most authoritative source on the cup, The Age
gets the goss that Bono, singer of Irish supergroup U2, called trainer
Lee Freedman after his horse took out the cup to congratulate him.
After a stop-start approach to reporting when the Prime Minister will
get his terror legislation through the parliament, The Age says that
Howard has, apparently, has won his terror tussle with the states
after giving Victoria and NSW some last minute concessions on
preventative custody provisions. Everyone seems to be ready to sign on
to the legislation today. Some bad Havana puns are on the cards as
former football great Diego Maradona interviews Cuban leader Fidel Castro and tries to make the long-serving US critic lighten up a little. It didn’t work.

No, the Sydney Morning Herald
does not have the Diva all over the front page. Instead they go inside
story of the Sydney’s Cross City Tunnel fiasco and report that, just
weeks before he was sacked, RTA chief Paul Forward told the state
government that it would cost the government so much in compensation to
alter the traffic flow around the tunnel that may as well just buy out
the contract. We’re talking billions. On a national security front, ASIO has settled out of court
for an undisclosed sum after a botched raid on the residence of Bilal
Daye, who they suspected of being involved in terrorist activities. And
the Minister for Veterans Affairs, De-Anne Kelly, has come under fire
from a colleague for her support of rogue Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce over planned changes to the trade practices act.

“The Greatest,” asserts the Herald Sun.
106,000 turned out to Melbourne’s Flemington yesterday to see one of
the greatest achievements in Australian sporting history. Both “men and
women cried” as Makybe Diva crossed the finish line to take the title
of “best racehorse in history.” While the paper also reports that women
are “trading in briefcases for babies” as they find that working in
highly stressful and time consuming jobs like lawyers and doctors
doesn’t work with a child, according to research from Monash University.

News Ltd’s tabloids must be struggling. Front page of the Daily
reads a lot like the Herald Sun’s. “The Greatest,” with a
full page Diva photo. Only two men remain on the tiny Pacific island of
Naru after the 25 asylum seekers housed there were transported to
Melbourne to begin a new life in Australia. And locals in Byron are denying that the bashing handed out to football
commentator Rex Hunt and his son on the weekend was the result of
anti-tourist feeling sweeping through the coastal down.

The Canberra Times
reports a stinging attack on both the Labor and Liberal parties
from former Liberal Prime Minster Malcolm Fraser who’s told a gathering
that Howard’s proposed terror laws resemble measures taken by Adolf
Hitler. He also said that Beazley’s handling of the legislation would
determine his leadership. And the Courier-Mail reports that the Queensland state government has
introduced a new $2 flag fall charge for cab rides taken between
midnight and 5am, with some of the money earmarked for security
officers for cab ranks near night-life hotspots. The Advertiser reports that South Australian Liberal Senator and
Finance Minister Nick Minchin has tried to distance himself from
allegations that he’s trying to out Robert Hill for the defence
portfolio. And the Northern Territory News reports that police are investigating
the theft of $10,000 from an elderly and disabled man who had just
moved to the territory.