Our next
head of state, Prince Charles, recently put
everything into perspective regarding our clown-like constitutional
arrangements. Here is what the next King of Australia said: My duty is to worry
about Britain and its inhabitants.

This must send all loyal
Australians into a frenzy; his mother, the current Australian head of state,
didn’t see fit to commiserate with her cricket team who lost to the English –
she congratulated the victors and ignored the vanquished. So who is worrying
about us? Certainly not John Howard.

Charles also asks us to consider his pronouncements on the environment – here’s
something to consider: His nine miles to
the gallon Bentley was recently driven the 815 miles from London to Prague to be
there for his use during a visit to the Czech capital. His mother’s almost
invisible viceroy is another fuel
guzzler, commanding jet aircraft to move
himself and his entourage around the country for his ribbon cutting and fete
opening activities. Critics will certainly say: well,a president will do the
same. Sure, but the difference is, the
president will be one of ours.