It’s the Pitts: Much scepticism over yesterday’s claim by Labor in the SMH that the Libs will only face a five per cent swing in the upcoming by-election
in J-Bro’s old seat of Pittwater. More like 20, some locals say –
closer to the 1986 outcome when Jim Longley nearly lost to surfer and
local lad Nat Young. Other party insiders worry about the logic of
choosing an outsider who goes knocking on the doors of developers for
donations in a NIMBY seat.

The Democrats’ hard times: We know the Australian Democrats are
doing it tough at the moment, with offices sold – but are they really
camping out? The authorisation line in anti terror ads the Dems have
place reads “A Tree, 711 South Road Black Forest SA”.

Seditious intent: It looks this morning as if the terror laws are go, so film makers may like to get involved with Seditious Intent
,a site for short films that respond in some way to the anti-terrorism
laws and hope to keep the debate alive. Films must include an image from
the Government’s Help Protect Australia from Terrorism advertisements,
or a word or phrase from the proposed legislation.