If the IR bills weren’t enough,
another shock ran through Parliament House early this afternoon when
the Prime Minister called a presser to announce Australian intelligence
authorities have received specific information about an immediate
terror threat in the country.

PM was light on with details, refusing to answer questions or comment
further about the information or whether it had originated with
Australian or other sources.

“The Government has received specific intelligence and police
information this week which gives cause for serious concern about a
potential terrorist threat,” he said in Canberra.

“We have seen material. It is a cause of concern.”

– you guessed it – as a result part of the new anti terror legislation
will be rushed into Parliament after Question Time this afternoon,
while the Senate will also be recalled to debate the bill tomorrow.

PM expects legislation to pass the House of Representatives tonight and
hopes to have it through the Senate as soon as possible.

is not a political issue,” he said. “This is something I hope the
parliament can act in a united fashion in the public interest.”

transparency and accountability were reportedly in hiding awaiting
clarification of the status of the shoot-to-kill provisions.