Poor Robert Doyle. And poor Matt Birney, poor Bob Quinn and
poor Rob Kerin.

The Victorian polling is just one of a series of Morgan
surveys showing the sun is still shining on the Labor state administrations.

You barely have to look beyond the headlines:

WA ALP Primary Support Down 1% to 41.5% But
Gallop Would Still Win
– During September-October,
support for the ALP in Western Australia fell 1% to 41.5% with support for L-NP
also down 0.5% to 38.5%, the latest Morgan Poll finds…

Qld ALP Primary Support Down 4% To 49%, But
Beattie Would Still Win Easily
– During September-October,
primary support for the Queensland ALP State Government fell 4% to 49%, while
support for the reformed L-NP Coalition rose 4% to 35.5% (Liberals – 25%, up
3.5%, Nationals – 10.5%, up 0.5%)….”

Rann Government Primary Support Down 3% To 50%,
But Would Still Win Easily.
– In September-October, primary
support for the ALP in South Australia fell 3% to 50%, while support for the
Liberal Party rose 1% to 33%…”

Irony of ironies, Gallop, Beattie and Rann should all
be thanking John Howard and Peter Costello. It’s those two’s
stewardship of the national economy that has voters happy – not the job they’re
doing on schools and hospitals and roads and law and order.