Bit of a diva himself, isn’t he: Dollar Sweetie thinks it would
be “great” if Makybe
Diva takes the Cup again, or so he’s told ABC Radio.

Credit where credit is due: “NSW Liberal Party chief moved decisively to deal with factional
groupies signing new members on their credit cards,” Alex Mitchell and
Kerry-Anne Walsh reported in the Sun-Herald on the weekend. They reported that
one party member who has been disciplined was “Kyle Kutasi, a foot soldier for
upper house MP and right wing strongman David Clarke.” But whose credit
card was he using? Not Daddy’s?

The dark side of Parliament House: “The Bogong moth (Agrotis infusa) migrates annually to the highest
peaks in the Southern Alps where millions spend the hot summer months
aestivating in deep, dark crevices in rock caves among granite boulders,”
according to a paper released yesterday by the Parliamentary Library entitled Bogong moths and Parliament House. “Parliament
House, built on Capital Hill with its elevated floodlit flagpole and extensive
lighting, disrupts the flight of the moths and acts as a giant light trap for
moths migrating through the Canberra area during October and November.
The moths treat the building as a temporary camp and it is often necessary to
reduce the building’s lighting to allow the moths to continue their migration
south.” Read all about the dark side of
Parliament House here.