The Age’s new website went live
during the last week. As a longtime fan of the site’s layout, Henry is
particularly interested in a couple of superficially minor changes in the
transition to the new site that might well have far from superficial outcomes.
Advertisers would need a way of comparing apples to apples across such a
transition when contracts are being renewed. In the new site, longer articles
are spread across a number of pages, and the article is read through from start
to finish by clicking on a “next” link to move from page to page.

Henry will be interested to learn if
The Age logs extra web hit statistics via the new site because
of the new layout and the extra clicks required to get through a decent
sized article. We expect that advertisers might also have more
than a passing interest.

Meanwhile, last week we compared the
fortunes of PM Howard with those of Dubya etc. With our loyal readers’ indulgence,
we present more debate in a similar vein after some excellent analysis over the

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