To the barely contained glee of
many, the surprise of a few and cries of “I told you this would happen” from
several more who are struggling to figure out ways to shoehorn themselves onto
an already crowded bandwagon, it seems George W. Bush’s presidency might be in
imminent danger of “jumping the shark”.

Owen Harris, one of the many right
wing loonies at The Age, is happy to pour overpriced petrol on the fire, while
his colleague Michael Gawenda rightly points out that the double-whammy of Dubya’s
preferred choice of Supreme Court nomination withdrawing in the face of
bipartisan pressure and the ongoing saga of CIA spook identity leaks could
seriously damage the administration.
Henry reckons this is interesting
from a couple of perspectives…

A lot will depend on hip pocket
nerve as to the final fortunes of both leaders. With oil prices the way they
are and the US coming into winter when demand
spikes, Henry would much rather be in Mr. Howard’s shoes. At least he has a
cricket season to look forward to.

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