The Australian declined to publish this analysis, by leading psephologist and academic Malcolm Mackerra, of the electoral performance of George W Bush:

Those who admire George Walker Bush will soon be celebrating the FIFTH anniversary of his first presidential election victory in 2000 and the FIRST anniversary of his re-election in 2004. So a compare/contrast exercise is now in order but there is a certain deceptiveness about these two presidential elections.

Popular perception is that the 2000 win by Bush was in a “close” election whereas his 2004 victory was “comfortable.”

I see it quite differently. My analysis is that Bush, junior, the 43rd President, will be recorded by historians as the only President ever to serve for two full terms as a consequence of winning two close elections.

To me the interesting question is this one: which of his two Democratic Party opponents, Al Gore or John Kerry, turned in the better performance? My answer is Kerry and I shall now explain why – together with its historical significance.

The full analysis is on the website here.