Former NSW premier and now Macquarie Bank
spruiker, Bob Carr, sure has a thick hide. There he was promoting a new
environment talk institute in Sydney yesterday at the same time as
fronting a major contributor to the greenhouse emission industry in
Australia – Macquarie Bank.

Here’s an SMH report
on the scepticism about Bob’s latest climate talkfest, which begins:
“Bob Carr has aggressively defended his new role as a consultant with
Macquarie Bank, describing journalists who asked if there was a
conflict of interest as ‘silly’ and ‘mistaken’.”

So it’s “silly”
to question the former premier on the appropriateness of his move to
Macquarie, not to mention the potential conflict of interest in
promoting climate control and a company that makes a lot money out of
promoting the increased use of fossil fuels?

Macquarie Bank and its financial engineers have done more to further
the path of fossil fuel burning in NSW than almost anyone except the
State government, especially during Carr’s 10-year premiership.

M2, the M4, the Lane Cove Tunnel, Sydney Airport, and funding proposals
from MacBank affiliates for coal fired power stations and coal mines:
Macquarie and its infrastructure funds are interested in making money
out of greasing the way for motor vehicles to make their way through

And Mr Greenhouse, Bob Carr, is a monkey for the Macquarie Bank organ grinder.