RE: Slowing Economy

I’m a debt collector and process server and we have
been noticing a steadily increasing work load over the last 6-12 months, with
many home loans being defaulted and people not having the cash to pay normal
outgoings such as rates and utilities…..sad for most, but good for

“A leech on society” (As we are sometimes


Coles at Bondi Junction have suddenly reduced checkout staff levels as of last Monday resulting in longer waits and queues.

The staff are overworked and really pissed.

Garry Abeshouse

While I appreciate the point of your story, and while
I sympathise with the employee of the pet food shop in Katoomba, I must say I
think we are missing the main game. BHP Billiton and Rio have announce plans to
invest over $3.5 billion dollars in Western Australia to expand their iron ore
operations. Most of this will go into Australians’ pay packets and to
Australian businesses. I suggest Mick looks for his new job in the

A slowing economy? I don’t think so just


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(Geoff Applegate)