By Ross

UK soccer
legend George Best’s three-week battle to overcome a serious kidney infection in
a London hospital is, according to some UK media reports, now at a stage where
he’s “fighting for his life” after being placed on a life support machine and
suffering from internal bleeding.

According to
the Sun newspaper, Professor Roger Williams – Best’s medical consultant – he has
not yet been able to trace the cause of his bleeding; and that while it would be
an exaggeration to say that Best was gravely ill, “he is certainly severely ill
and is fighting for his life.”

Best is also
claimed to be now sending farewell messages to those close to him from his
Cromwell Hospital intensive care bed, while ex-wife Alex Best confirmed that her
former husband’s condition had “deteriorated dramatically” on Wednesday, and she
was now praying he could somehow “pull through against all the

But BBC Sport quotes Professor Williams saying that
while his condition had deteriorated, it was not life threatening at the moment
and the next few days would be crucial. However, it’s looking anything but flash for
Best’s recovery no matter how Professor Williams chooses his words.

Widely recognised as
one of the game’s greatest players, the long-troubled 59-year-old
former Manchester United idol, who once rivalled The Beatles in the UK
for popularity, is a 2002 liver transplant recipient, who was
originally admitted to hospital with flu-like symptoms but then
developed an infection. His health has been ravaged
over many years, mostly due to alcoholism which saw him make numerous but
failed attempts to stay off the drink.