Nothing happens at Sam
Chisholm’s Nine
Network without his approval. New shows, new presenters, new contracts,
new on-air talent – nothing. Which is why Mark Nicholas will be part of
the Nine Network cricket commentary team this summer – despite being “sacked” late last week.

By Sunday, Nicholas was back in the frame thanks to this judicious leak in Rebecca Wilson’s Sunday Telegraph
column: “We hear that a decision during the week by Nine’s cricket
producers not to review his contract is about to be overturned by
senior management.” According to Wilson, Kerry Packer and
Chisholm are huge Nicholas fans and see him as the successor to the man
in beige, Richie Benaud. And, added Wilson, Nine insiders say Packer
and Chisholm weren’t informed of plans to cut him.

Nothing happens at Nine these days without the nod from Sam. Producers
like Graeme Koos, EP of cricket broadcasts, or Sports Director, Gary
Fenton, don’t make decisions
about on air talent without checking them off with Sambo or The Big Fella in Park Street. What seems to have happened is
that the decision not to re-sign Nicholas was leaked and the bloke who
really decides on all things sport – KP – wasn’t told and went a tiny
bit feral at the news. So to cover this faux pas the new spin was
pitched through Wilson’s column.