with a spare $500 can take up the offer of the Australian Monarchist League to
meet two young European royals – whose relevance to their own country and
certainly to this one is yet to be discovered. Alexander and Katherine
Karadjordjevic or Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia,
are sure royal – and related to all the other royals – but the monarchists have
this time, if you will excuse the expression, scraped the bottom of the royal
barrel in their search for any royal.

Serbia has as much chance of restoring its
monarchy as Kim Beazley has of becoming the next incumbent of The Lodge. Readers of Crikey will recall
your correspondent revealing that our Head of State’s husband once declared
“Australians are bloody mad not to have voted ‘yes’ in the republic referendum.”
This intelligence was passed on to your correspondent by none other then this
couple’s uncle the late and great Prince Tomislav of Yugoslavia – who incidentally agreed with his cousin’s take on the

Peter Fray

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