“The atmosphere up there is different,” former Northern Territory
Supreme Court Judge Sir Edward Woodward told Crikey this morning, but he said that
although Darwin people may dress a little more casually than the rest
of the nation, when court’s in session it’s just like any other Australian courtroom. Woodward said
that over his long career he’d got to know three Northern Territory
Chief Justices rather closely and told us that “none of them would have
a bar of a prosecutor calling them by his first name.”

He said he’d never been referred to by his first name in court, but
said he couldn’t comment on whether it was appropraite for Chief
Justice Brian Martin refuse access to the audio recordings that would
prove, one way or the other, whether Clark’s claim made against
prosecuting QC Rex Wild was accurate or not.

Matthew Walsh, associate to the Chief Justice of the Northern Territory

Order banning access to the audio recording of preceedings without
express permission of the chief justice made in chambers yesterday.

Wayne, court recording contractor

The transcript that they have released to their lawers and some
journalists do not have Mr Wild refering to Chief Justice Wilcox by his
first name. The court reporting company has to clear the release of
yesterday’s written preceedings with the Chief Justice himself
feed that goes into the CCTV audio feed the journalists were watching
is not necessarily the same as what is recorded on the official court

Peter Fray

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