Day two of the reign of Ms Virginia Trioli on Sydney radio and it was a smoother, more assured effort, although she again talked to and about Melbourne issues, which will upset some of the luvvies in the Sydney media.

She chatted to Barrie Cassidy of the Insiders for the second morning in a row, just like, ahh, Sally Loane and Kath McKenzie both did. Funny that.

And she also had a chat with Mr Stephen Mayne, the Murdoch gadfly who had just jetted in from New York, like, ahh, Sally Loane did, and like she did when on ABC local radio in Melbourne. Her first day though still had listeners chuckling and approving, and the media chiding her for a few slip ups and her concentration on Melbourne people and issues (like the Melbourne Cup.)

But Clive Roberston had fun with Virginia Trioli on her first day Monday hinting at his return to radio.

There was a bit of selective navel gazing. The Melbourne Cup interview she did with Richard Zaccariah in Geelong was, well a Melbourne story. And while the Aria music awards were held in Sydney, she talked to Molly Meldrum in Melbourne who didn’t attend the awards.

But the ABC guestbook for 702 was in overwhelming in favour of Ms Trioli. And if you look at the first day’s comments there were 11 in favour of Ms Trioli and four wanting Robbo to return, and none opposed.