A military insider writes:

Air Force is going to keep
RAAF Glenbrook in the Blue Mountains when it merges it with its
Training Command at Laverton. This raises a few questions: Why are we
keeping a base that costs millions per year to maintain (over $2M in
contracts plus over 30 support staff) instead of just building a new
building or extended one on a base we are keeping anyway?

Force is being made to get rid of over 50 positions in order to fund
the Bungendore headquarters site, if Glenbrook was closed a majority
could come from support staff rather than command elements.

are we throwing away the tens of millions in sale revenue we could get
for selling Glenbrook given it is an old hotel site with tennis courts,
formal gardens, swimming pool over looking all of Sydney (might have
answered my own question there)?

With the problems Air Force has
retaining staff, why are we eliminating a chance to let people get
posted to Melbourne instead putting more jobs in Sydney to join the
2000 already in Western Sydney – I guess Victorians joining will have
to accept that they can’t go home ever.

Laverton is closer to a major airport (20 minutes versus 90 minutes), better protected, better supported than Glenbrook.

why is the RAAF keeping Glenbrook? I guess formal gardens, great views
and a country club on the hill is more important than operational