I noted with interest a blast in
Crikey recently from someone (think Michael Pascoe) about burying the
lead. Well how is this for a prime example? Here is my MEAA (the union
that represents journalists) media bulletin headlines from today:

  • Get Active
  • Status Of Work Survey
  • Anti-Terror Threat
  • Walkley Magazine Out Now
  • Grim Findings For Australian IR
  • Journalists Charged With Contempt
  • Death Toll Rising
  • ABC Bullying Review
  • Press Photo Exhibition
  • Big Picture Conference
  • Public Enemy Number One
  • The Metamorphosis

Stories 1, 2, 3, 5 – anti
-government stuff – very important yes, but a thinly disguised part of
the ALP/unions anti government campaign. Story 4 – self promotion
magazine fluff – important yes, so everyone can find out who was
nominated and chat about it but does it need to go above:
Story 6, actual charges for contempt by a chief judge for two journos.

don’t care how many times the union we pay for has covered this before,
I would have thought it should be the lead or bloody close to it. Not
story 6. And then they include a link to The Australian story –
they couldn’t even write their own current news story and analysis for
us based on the up to date info. For the record I know the IR changes
are going to make a big difference to most of us, I am against them,
and I am a paying Alliance member.

Peter Fray

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