Trioli landed at ABC 702 in Sydney at 9am this morning, and apart from
a slightly stern, head-girl bossiness, she did well.

A bit of ABC comradery was on show during an interview with Barrie Cassidy – Insiders
all over again – but she has a good voice, and there was no sign of the
Sally Loane Pony Club approach. But it must be said that Sally didn’t
shirk the tough journalist approach, despite what her critics might

Trioli had a slightly scatty interview with Clive
Robertson, who is returning to ABC TV next year – and possibly radio
too. Richard Zaccariah was brought back from the dead of News Ltd
papers to talk about horses, the Melbourne Cup and the Cox Plate.

admits to liking horse racing (as does Barrie Cassidy) and cricket.
Sally Loane was a rugby chick and the late and still-lamented Angela
Catterns was a Rugby League tragic. But Ms Trioli showed a knowledge of
Sydney and an awareness of many of the issues, as well as a willingness
to listen to people.

She was so unlike Julie McCrossin that it
must be embarrassing for ABC local radio management. Ms Trioli would
have been great in the breakfast shift. Or is the ABC keeping the
brekkie shift a little open (the stand-in Sarah McDonald is doing very
well) in case Vega implodes, as rumours suggest it might? In those
circumstances, Angela Catterns could become available.

Virginia Trioli will do well – a class performer at set weights or in any handicap.

Peter Fray

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