Labor blogger Robert Corr has got hold
of the Workchoices hotline script and he’s running some beauties about
our exciting new simplified IR system on his site– beauties like:

Q: How do I know if I’m employed by a Constitutional Corporation?

If you are not sure about whether or not your employer is a
Constitutional Corporation you should first ask your employer whether
they know if their business is a Constitutional corporation. If your
employer is also unsure about whether their business is a
Constitutional corporation then they may seek independent legal advice
on this matter.


Q: What is the total spending on Communication campaigns?

At this stage, the planned scope and form of the information campaign
has not been finalised. So, no precise figures are available as to the
total amount of money that will be spent on the campaign.

The full WorkChoices script is here. As Crikey has reported, the poor sods in the call centres aren’t exactly overloaded. Some are losing their jobs.

is terrible. We need to keep them in gainful employment. WorkChoices is
all about jobs, after all – as the PM keeps reminding us.

means we need questions for them. Questions that will keep them
occupied. Over to you, subscribers. We want to compile the Top 10
WorkChoices queries. Suggestions to [email protected]