According to the private sale company we’re using to sell our house, has cancelled the subscriptions of all private-sale companies.

being treated shoddily in the past by a real estate agent, and after
reading the Niel Jenman and Terry Ryder publications, my wife and I
have been selling our house privately. After discovering that we could
only get listed on the real estate websites by having a REI license, we
engaged a private sale company. Now that has been pulled from us.

We took out a classified ad in the Courier-Mail,
and it was rejected because it had the address in it.
They said it would confuse readers who would think we were an agent.

read in the papers about some corporate movement involving I wonder if this has something to do their latest

I assume the papers and website are being influenced by
the Real Estate Institutes. What’s the legality of this type of
collusion? We thought the cases in the Neil Jenman and Terry Ryder
books were polished to highlight the authors’ views, however it appears
that they’re spot on the money.

Glenn Dyer comments: The Courier-Mail
is owned by News Corp. News Corp’s local arm, News Ltd is trying to
take control of in a takover bid increased this week
to $2.50 a share. News already owns 43% of and the
decision reported by The Courier-Mail, to ban private sale
companies, does look a bit odd to say the least. In fact it’s rude and
deserves to be checked out by the sleeping watchdogs at the ACCC