Christian Kerr writes:

Andrew Landeryou is backing Joe Tripodi – and that’s about it. Sydney Morning Herald blogger Andrew West seems to speak for everyone else when he writes about the sissies of the Labor right.

are all the same,” he says. “They hunt in packs, pick on those weaker
than them, then scurry like rats when someone, in a moment of bravado,
takes them on. And so it is with the infamous NSW right-wing Labor
machine. Take NSW Roads Minister Joe Tripodi, for example.”

The thinking on Macquarie Street is very much that Tripodi is the
biggest loser from his run in with National MP Andrew Fraser. “He ran
like a girl,” the hardheads say. There’s talk about how the Roads
Minister overplayed his hand yesterday – and looks like a wuss.

Fraser seems to be ahead on points, despite his suspension.
Coffs Harbour locals love that he stood up on the Pacific Highway –
something the government likes grandstanding on, but that residents
actually want work done on.