Telstra are currently negotiating with IBM to sell KAZ. IBM will do the deal
if Telstra also outsource the entire IT desktop backoffice component.
Major difficulty is undoing the Desktop from the Voice and Data
Components for Telstra as well as the major contracts with NAB, Westpac,
Woolworths, Qantas, DoD. Still only a rumour however this has come from two
connected sources. I suggest a little research may uncover this as fact
or fiction shortly.

Mayne Group demerge
soon into Mayne Pharma and Symbion Health. Why are they
keeping the Mayne name in Mayne Pharma, and ditching the Mayne name to become
Symbion Health? Where did the name Symbion come from? Is Symbion Health anything
to do with Symbion Healthcare of USA? If not now then will it be relevant
sometime in the future? Why were American visitors being shown round the Mayne
Health Pathology HQ at Heidelberg yesterday?

Regarding Australia Post’s reported fall in profits:
(Paper count falling all round, Crikey Daily, Friday 14 October),
they seem to have found a new source of revenue as my postman now also delivers
junk mail. I was near my letterbox this morning and the postman personally gave
me a Domino’s pizza flyer.