A suggested
ad for the unions.

Man and
woman with a couple of children discussing the need to get
work before
Christmas after being unfairly sacked in previous job.
In the background a radio ad for the
Government declaring more flexibility and greater pay. Next the phone
rings and an
employer can be heard discussing a job application and inviting the man in to
discuss. Man arrives well dressed and is offered a job. The potential worker is told
his employment is dependent on him signing an AWA. He is then told that the
business is very busy during Christmas so he will have to work for ten hours a
day seven days a week including public holidays with no overtime or penalties but that this will
be offset during winter when hours will be reduced, His pay will be lower than
the award rate and he will be on probation for six months.

The man
asks if he can have some time to spend Christmas with the
family and
if any of these conditions can be varied. The employer tells him it is a take it
or leave it offer and is not prepared to negotiate. Cut to scene with the family
discussing Christmas and back to the man who then tells the employer that he has
to put his family first. Next shot is of the man at Centrelink being told his
benefit will be stopped as he declined an offer of employment. The man pleads
that he will have no money for food and that it is Christmas which means to presents for
the children. Closing shot of children in tears on Christmas day

Peter Fray

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