Also another finalist in this category Cameron Stewart, of The Australian, “20
Seconds to Disaster – The Story of HMAS Dechaineux”, got nominated despite his
story being a ‘gift’ to him from the government.

The Belinda
Hawkins, Claire Forster, Angela Trabucco, Australian Story, ABC TV, “Burnt by
the Sun”, had been chosen as a finalist against another Aus Story piece, despite
causing a furore amongst staff after complaints to the EP and the Head of News
Current Affairs by the subject of the story – Lance Collins – that he’d been conned into

Four Corners’ Matthew Carney, Morag Ramsay, Anne Connolly, Four
Corners, ABC TV, “Whale Wars” got a nomination for International Journalism,
despite looking like it was handed the good news story by the federal

Four Corners favourite Sally Neighbour, and Lin Buckfield, Jo
Puccini, Four Corners, ABC TV, “The Kilwa Incident”, was nominated but in the
wrong category. It should have got the award for most expensive ABC story of the
year, coming in at just a whisker over $125,000 in costs on top.

more…stay tuned.