Hugo Kelly writes:

It’s been a big day for the independent Senators. First Barnaby
Joyce reveals his backbone, to the surprise of everyone, and crosses
the floor. Then Family Firster Steve Fielding is revealed as a prophet,
as his revelation two months ago that public holidays are up for grabs materialises.

The Australian
tried to play down the significance of Joyce’s decision: ‘Joyce crosses
floor for hollow victory.’ But it remains the first time in nearly 20
years that a government member has crossed the floor.

The only parliamentary opposition of substance to the Government’s
agenda is in the Senate – and it’s not coming from the Opposition
benches. It’s also coming from a coalition of extra-political forces:
the churches have this week joined the unions and the RSL in
questioning the philosophy of the government’s IR revolution.

Where are the Government’s third-party endorsements coming from?
Big business, sure. But unless it can rustle up some more support from
outside its own ranks, the Government faces losing the PR war.

As Fielding told The Australian:
The PM has “conned” workers into believing meal breaks and public
holidays would be guaranteed under the changes.

That’s not a good look.