Peter Rees writes:

Crikey, it was clear from the moment Mark
Latham was elected Leader that the Labor caucus had lost its collective
mind. It would now seem that Crikey has lost its in giving this
hypocritical self-server, to whom personal boundaries are meaningless,
space to continue to slur people. His comments about Jeni Cooper
yesterday say all there is to say about this man’s contempt for
relationships. Whether we are talking ex-lovers or ex-colleagues, Mark
Latham continues to flout a generally observed code of conduct. Maybe
you think this a good thing, but the question remains: what is his
motivation for gleefully stomping these boundaries? Does this man’s
need for vengeance to explain his own failure know no bounds? That he
doesn’t care who he betrays is the real concern. This is unadulterated
narcissism. You do yourselves no credit in continuing to run this
vindictive trash from a has-been.

CRIKEY: We overstepped the line yesterday in publishing Mark Latham’s graphic details about his relationship with the current Sunday Telegraph
editor Jeni O’Dowd in the 1980s. While Crikey believes Latham has views
about the political system that are well worth consideration, his
highly personal description doesn’t fall into that category. As we
looked back on what we published about Jeni O’Dowd – and we’re the ones
responsible for what is published in Crikey – we felt it was
unnecessary. There’s a fine line between frank journalism and personal
intrusion, and yesterday we crossed that line. For that we apologise to
Jeni O’Dowd and to readers who felt offended.