Crikey reporter Michael Newhouse writes:

domain names, Crikey was reminded of our old friend Steve Vizard, and
the website, which was set up to rib Vizard’s fall from
grace back in August. Vizard will probably be pleased to see that site
creator Glenn Astey has given up on the scheme.

Astey has posted a message on
the website, saying he’s decided to shelve plans for the domain rather
than risk the “peace of mind and security” of his family and clients.

Astey cites a number of cases of harassment that he was subjected to, including threats of a
poisonous letterbox drop about his business, after news got around of
his plans to poke fun at Vizard. “We are not suggesting for a moment
that you are personally involved in events of the past few days Mr
Vizard,” reads the message, “but we will not abide it regardless of the dynamics behind it.”

‘Karma Express’ has left the station Mr Vizard – you’re the only
passenger – and many people believe you’ve well and truly earned the
ticket to ride it. We now relinquish our plans for this Site rather
become part of the train wreck which currently surrounds you.”

this went down at the end of August, but Astey is still asking for any
pro bono legal help that may give his site the chance to come back from
the dead. The full story can be found at

Peter Fray

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