There was so much bloodshed at the Brisbane Broncos
last Friday that the Red Cross missed the opportunity to secure enough blood
stocks to see it through to Christmas. And as the “mopping up” exercise continued over the
weekend, the facade of unity at the Broncos has been well and truly blown apart,
with some of the Club’s finest openly attacking the Broncos coach, Wayne

In the hazardous world of rugby league coaching, Bennett has been
the exception – having served as coach, and just about everything else,
at the Broncos since the club’s foundation in 1988. But times are
getting much tougher for the NRL’s longest serving and most powerful
coach and the criticism is not coming from over the border, but from
the Broncos’ own “heroes”.

When Bennett decided to effectively sack his whole
coaching team on Friday morning, he must have suspected he would attract
criticism, but not even the wily Bennett could have suspected how heavy and how
extensive it has been. Or the places it has come

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