Your item yesterday (Akerman lets fly at Alan Oakley) epitomises
Crikey’s egregious and lamentable approach to reporting and comment: a
farrago of misstatements, half-truths, untruths and historical

Mr Mayne’s deluded and deranged ramblings don’t warrant serious
attention by serious people. They never do. Save to say in this
instance the numbers speak for themselves no matter how much
psycho-babble and innumerate spin he attempts to weave into his
schoolyard fantasy.

Let me just point out that the penetration of News Ltd’s Sunday
newspaper in Victoria, a markedly smaller state than NSW, is far
greater than that of each of the Sunday newspapers in NSW and has been
for years. It should also be noted that the Herald Sun was selling 594, 434 when I left it and was selling some 560,000 when Steve Harris departed. A serious decline.

To direct your readers to a seriously error-riddled piece from The Sunday Age
published under his editorship is to do them a wilful disservice. The
claim that I rarely visit the H&WT building is truly fatuous but in
line with the gutter journalism with which Mr Mayne is associated.

Some of Crikey’s readers may be fooled by Mr Mayne’s ignorant reading
of the media market but not many professionals are. Any reader of my
letter in The Australian would be aware that even Crikey’s
headline is itself a gross distortion. The focus of my missive was the
lack of informed, balanced coverage of Alan’s Oakley’s SMH
appointment in that newspaper. Mr Mayne’s undergraduate ramblings
have no bearing on that and succeed only in making Crikey look foolish.

I expected much more from your costly stewardship.

Sincerely, Piers Akerman