Sorry to put down the story in Crikey yesterday but your very best
mates at Gunns Ltd are mostly still working through their
apprenticeship. You should have a look at GWA
the Brisbane-based manufacturers who dominate the toilet market, which
has six non-executive directors (NEDs) with a combined 122 years
service on the board! How’s this for a roll call:

Barry Thornton
: 31 years, chairman and former CEO, joined in 1974 as Finance Director

Jim Kennedy: 13
years NED

: 26
years NED, joined GWA as a director in 1979 and
“has had 36 year involvement with company”

Robert Anderson: 26
years a director since 1979, having joined the
company in 1955

Martin Kriewaldt : 13
years NED

Geoff McGrath 13
years NED, former CEO from 1992-2003 and first joined group in

That’s a total of 122
years with an average tenure of 20.33 years each!

Meanwhile, a veteran investor writes:

I like the idea of a master list of long serving NEDs, try these for starters:

Argo Investments:
Paterson, 1969

Bentley, 1984

Soul Pattinson
: Robert Millner, 1984

Milton Corporation
: John
Church, 1986

Harvey Norman:
Chris Brown, 1987

Stephen Mayne writes:

This will be a great list. Let’s have a $500 million cut-off in terms
of market capitalisation and track everyone who has been a NED of the
same company from before 1995. Here are a few more to kick things along
and please send your entries to [email protected]:

Meredith Hellicar:
James Hardie chairman and director since 1992

Nick Greiner:
QBE Insurance, September 1992

Brian Finn:
Axa Asia Pacific, 1992

Mike Codd:
Qantas, 1992

Elizabeth Alexander
: Amcor, 1994

Adrienne Clarke
: Woolworths, July 1994

David Crawford:
BHP, 1994

Judith Sloan:
Santos, September 1994

Dean Wills:
Westfield, 1994

Trevor Eastwood:
Wesfarmers chairman and director since 1994

Barbara Ward
: CBA, 1994

Michael Robinson:
Tabcorp chairman since 1994

Peter Wade:
Tabcorp, 1994