Crikey readers will remember Ed
Husic, the Bosnian-born Labor candidate who went up against
Hillsong’s Louise Markus in the outer Sydney seat of Greenway at last
year’s election.

Our feature from last July, Greenway to heaven and a religious wedge,
is credited with drawing national attention to a whisper campaign that
was being run against him on the ground because he was – gasp! – a
Muslim. That didn’t prevent Mark Latham from copping a heated question
on the subject at an Adelaide public meeting during the campaign,
suggesting a wide ranging smear campaign.

Anyway, Husic is
having his say. Now chief of staff to the NSW Minister for Regional
Development, Small Business and the Illawarra, David Campbell, Husic
will be speaking at the Sydney Institute on 19 October. And his topic? “Islam and Australian Politics: Can a Muslim Get Elected to Parliament During the War on Terror?”

Nice one, Gerard.