Mark Latham may have attracted plenty of detractors in media and political circles, but there’s now no doubt that The Latham Diaries will go down in history as a political insider’s book – possibly even an Australian equivalent to The Crossman Diaries, in
which former cabinet minister Richard Crossman provided the first
detailed insider’s account of the workings of the British Government.

don’t have to agree with what Mark Latham says to acknowledge that he
has lifted the lid on the way politics is actually played in this
country – even if he has done it in a characteristically open way.

With this in mind, Crikey has asked Mark Latham if he would be prepared
to directly answer questions from Crikey’s army of politically-savvy
subscribers – and he’s agreed. No middleman, no political commentator
to spin the views – the pure Latham response.

email your questions to [email protected] and we’ll put them to Mark
Latham (although we can’t guarantee he will answer every one). Please
keep questions succinct and in keeping with the spirit of the Diaries, preference will be given to people who are prepared to name names – including their own.