Daily Sport

staff are minding their Bs and Fs after being warned by editor-in-chief
Tony Livesey against burping and farting in the office. Livesey denies
this admonition, but rather undermines this by saying: “As long as they
don’t do it while I’m having me lunch. I might punch them in the mouth
if they did it while I was eating. I expect the same level of hygiene
here as you would find at The Ivy. But I wouldn’t sack anyone for

Inside the Sport, however, it is widely
confirmed that after conference early last week, Livesey told his heads
of department he had had a complaint about burping and farting and it
had to stop. Insiders do say there may be some basis for the complaint.

“We’ve got one guy here who is a notorious farter, but they are silent, deadly ones,” Press Gazette was told. “And there’s another who is a champion burper — they come from his a*se up.”