• When planes flew into the World Trade
    Center, the world stopped and watched. And when bombs ripped the London
    Underground to pieces, life and transportation came to a standstill
    throughout the globe. So why didn’t anyone stop and listen when
    bombings rocked Bali on Saturday? – Daily Trojan (South California)

  • Forget the airport thrillers – the most
    nerve-wracking thing the Australian tourist can read before heading
    overseas is the Federal Government website www.smarttraveller.gov.au,
    with its alarmingly imprecise general warnings to be “particularly
    alert” in “areas known to be frequented by foreigners.” The Daily Furphy

  • Terrorist planners have moved away from massive explosions – as occurred at the
    Sari club many months ago – to the London model of a number of smaller bombs.
    These involve a smaller number of casualties and are easier to organise, but
    they are now faced with a phenomenon known as ” the law of diminishing
    returns.” Certainly large numbers of tourists
    are returning home early – and certainly there have been cancellations of
    forward bookings, but the miracle of hope has resulted in huge numbers deciding
    to stay on and continue their holiday and many more to press on with their
    future bookings to visit the island. The fact is that bomb attacks are not
    new any more. They simply join all the other possibilities that can occur when
    you leave the safety of Australia for a holiday in a foreign land. – Views from Towradgi

  • Naturally, this morning’s second terrorist attack in Bali will be used
    to justify every strangulation of our civil liberties that was brought
    to bear in this week’s COAG meeting. It will be used to smother other
    issues. It will be used to do just about anything than to actually
    address the reasons that young men are feeling so disenfranchised,
    angered and helpless that they believe their only recourse is to blow
    themselves up, and take countless innocent people with them. – Modia Minotaur

  • It’s incredible how the mass media always muddy the waters after such an horrible attack on innocent civilians. – Covert2Overt
  • While Bali caters to the tourist industry greatly (after all, tourism gave
    Balinese perhaps the highest living standard among Indonesians), it is not a
    synthetic tourist creation. Because the tourists largely flock to the dry beach
    areas, the interior highlands still have terraced farming, artisans and
    traditional ways of life. In fact, one Balinese from the hills told me that only
    Westerners value the “useless, dry beach land that can’t be farmed.” Guns and butter blog

  • I still think of the nation’s future; of the civil society we dream of; of
    freedom of movement we’ve been enjoying post-Suharto regime up till now; of fear
    that such luxurious privileges for all of us will reduce and then eliminated for
    the sake of security in the wake of such terrorist attacks. All are hovering
    over my head. – Blogger
    Indonesia A. Fatih
    Syuhud Weblog