news reader Chris Bath is a firm favourite at online betting agencies to win the Network’s
Dancing With The Stars, as this market says.

She’s a
firmer favourite than Makybe
Diva and her form on the floor has been as good as the Diva’s on the
tracks in her current Spring

And she’s giving herself every chance of a win, with help from an
emerging “Bathie Army” of supporters. Bath has also been very cunning
in the way she has gone for the fully
clothed look, arguing that more is less. Her modesty is part of her
persona, and also designed to follow the dictum, “don’t upset the

majority of viewers, and therefore those voting on Dancing With The Stars, are women, especially those in their early 20s to mid 30s and she’s smart enough
to understand that by being restrained and modest, she doesn’t alienate these voters, and increases her chance of

even a website devoted to Seven’s Queen of the Two Step
and this email was despatched to Bathians, or as it says, the “Bathie

Dancing Newsreader fans, fellow members of “The Bathie
Army”, and visitors to

Hello again, and welcome to some of the newer
recipients of the weekly mail out.

Dancing With The Stars
is on again tonight (last
Tuesday), with our favourite dancing newsreader Chris
Bath and her partner Toongabie Trenno, feeling the weight of three straight wins like an
albatross around their necks.

week sees Chris, David, Our Dawn, Nikki and Ky all do the Paso Doble –
the dance most Australians were introduced to on the back veranda of
“Francine’s” (Tara Morice) house in Strictly Ballroom.
(The part where her Nonna says of “Scott Hastings”
[Paul Mercurio] “Hot stuff can shake his tail feather,
but he knows chicken sh*t about

Ada, Dicko
and Brodie all do the foxtrot, a much more romantic
and down tempo piece than they’ve performed thus far. Week four is traditionally
(if you can have traditions after two series!) the week where the dancers get a
bit flat, and the marks drop significantly. These two dances are the most
technical, and in the past the judges have been quite harsh to people who aren’t
dipping their hat to the technical aspects.

Chris and Trenno continue to play from in front? Will
there be a shock fall from grace and an early exit? Stranger things have
happened. Remember, The Canberra Raiders were on top of the table in the sixth
round this year, and they’ve got splinters in their hands from their late grab
at the wooden spoon.

How do
we save Chris and Trenno from the same fate?? WE RING
late to ring up and help them out for this week’s episode. Remember, the votes
you give now for last week, can put Chris through into next weeks show – the
Samba. She found her inner sex kitten for the rumba in week two, can she find the Tiger for the Samba? Will she even make
it far enough to find out? The answer is in your hands. Pick up the phone. You
know what to do

“” has been up, running, and extracting
votes for a few weeks now. Check in daily for the latest pics, news, and occasionally for Chris’s web log, or send us
a message to post on the messages page. This week we received our first messages
from people who have no personal links to The Bathie
Army – so a big welcome to all of you! And a big thanks to the members of the
Bathie Army who so valiantly raised their Bathie and Darcy masks in the audience during last weeks episode.

luck, and good voting!!!!


(p.a. to Chris Bath)

Ahh, Bathie’s dancing campaign becomes a little clearer!

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