their vaguely similar approach on a few selected newsworthy topics is
evidence of a conspiracy between Andrew Bolt, Piers Akerman and Rupert
Murdoch, the similitude of thought in much of the rest of the media,
public and commercial – and quite a few News Ltd journalists – must be
evidence of the greatest media conspiracy the nation has ever known.

There is no evidence that the media must have greater protection from
monopolization than any other branch of the economy. The power of the
media moguls – those few who are left – over news has almost
disappeared with the rise of the journalist as celebrity and the
development of new technologies.

Paul Keating’s model is alleged to have been designed to protect his
mates and punish his enemies – his prescription has proved as mortal,
indeed ephemeral as his government, or indeed, as media empires are.
End this protected workshop now and open it up to the destructive gales
of competition!