• Sunday morning things were moving along in Seminyak. If you had just arrived
    you wouldn’t know anything had happened here… Most
    Balinese I talk to just say “Ada
    bom.” (Have bomb). I think in this part of the world when stuff happens
    people look at it like ‘some people died and I made it.’ Bali blog

  • Speaking of warnings, Geoffrey Gold in Jakarta
    received the following automated e-mail last Thursday from the Australian
    government’s Smartraveller advisory service. Tim Blair

  • What are the implications
    of these attacks? Rather than a major truck-bomb on an annual basis, we’ll be
    seeing a lot more attacks like the recent ones in Bali, against highly vulnerable soft
    targets. The hallmark of JI’s past
    three major attacks that have targeted western interests were large truck
    bombs, in the order of 100+ kilos, mainly comprised of ammonium nitrate and
    diesel, but also perchlorate and sulfur. The Counterterrorism blog

  • Ho-hum, more terrorism. I’m getting so bored with terrorism.
    I can’t help it. Humanity has a history of violent and disgusting behaviour and
    I’m so desensitized. Seriously, take a history lesson people, nothing new here.
    Celebrating mediocrity

  • Yahoo’s slideshow of bombing aftermath.

  • The latest bombing has taken place in the final week of the sacred Islamic
    month of Sha’ban. Orthodox Sunni Indonesians see this month as a time to
    prepare for the beginning of the sacred month of Ramadan, which commences on
    Wednesday or Thursday. Traditionally, the shedding of blood during Ramadan and its two preceding
    months is strictly forbidden. Planet Irf

  • Bali tourism going, going, gone. The
    plus side: Fiji and other pacific islands will take
    up the slack. I Drink Tang

  • It may be instructive to pause for a second and realize that Bali is
    not just targeted because it’s an attractive place to hit vacationing
    westerners and disrupt a steady inflow of tourist dollars… Bali,
    like many of Indonesia’s
    outlying islands, is not exactly in sync religiously and culturally with the
    Javanese heartland and has for centuries been predominantly Hindu. Peak

  • Those entrenched in their
    “Muslims are out to destroy us, that’s why they’re doing these nasty
    things to us” mantra will call for even stronger measures of
    counter-terrorism, for stepping up the pace of the “war on terror.” But upping the ante in a war that simply cannot be
    won is foolhardy and downright dangerous…
    Developing your web presence

  • Yet again, violent thuggery has proved itself to be a
    blunt instrument. We should not forget that Indonesia
    is a democracy (albeit a fledgling one) and those who turn to violence for
    their cause are those that cannot win in the battle for hearts and minds.
    Ari on the